Alabama Water Testing Laboratory Services

Testing drinking water and wastewater can seem complex. It can be challenging to stay updated on the evolving standards set by regulatory authorities. But it’s a crucial task that can make the difference between a healthy supply—and healthy people—and one that is unsafe.


Living Water Services provides comprehensive testing services, including ground, storm, surface, drinking, and wastewater testing, all conducted at our certified water testing bacteriological lab in Alabama.


Our state-certified water testing laboratory helps you stay aligned with EPA and ADEM water and wastewater regulations and are EPA certified and DMRQA certified. We specialize in bacteriological testing and can assist with other types of analyses, such as metals, toxicity, oil, and grease, and other potentially-harmful contaminants that can jeopardize your drinking water supply.


We also offer a convenient courier service to pick up and transport water samples to our laboratory for testing.

How a Water Testing Laboratory Works

We begin testing your water by taking a water sample or series of samples from a public or private water supply. These samples vary in size and are often taken from different locations within the same site, depending on scope. It’s often necessary to take samples from multiple sites to make sure we cover enough of your infrastructure to be representative.


Samples are then analyzed at our water testing lab, featuring a variety of specialized processes that accurately pinpoint a range of contaminants and their concentrations.


Results are compiled in an easy-to-understand report that details the health of your water supply not just for your own purposes, but also for mandated reporting to regulatory authorities.

When and Why You Should Use a Water Testing Laboratory

Using a water testing lab helps municipalities, commercial and industrial businesses, and residential organizations by:

Ensuring compliance

and avoiding potential fines

Identifying substances that can corrode or degrade your infrastructure (i.e. mineral content and heavy metals)

Highlight hazardous contaminants that pose a health risk to your water quality (i.e. coliform bacteria and organic compounds)

Addressing potential problems

before they become real ones

Organizations that make use of our Alabama water testing lab save money, protect their reputation, and stay on the right side of regulations. The cost of proactive and preventative testing is much smaller than it would be without this vital service—and it’s a much less stressful process than the headache of dealing with a problem that’s spiraled out of control.

Using a water testing laboratory is even more important if you notice:

  • Bitter medicinal-testing water
  • Cloudy or muddy-looking water
  • Metallic-tasting water
  • Unusual discoloration and smell
  • Slippery feeling water
  • Anything that seems “off” and not normal


Timing is of the essence; water safety depends on taking swift action, and that is only possible if you know exactly what you’re dealing with. The health of your drinking water depends on it.

Want to Learn More?

The trained and certified experts at Living Water Services can help you not just with laboratory testing, but a full suite of comprehensive water and wastewater services. Learn more today by contacting our team and seeing how we can help you maintain the highest quality of water for you and those whom you serve.