Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Water Services

Commercial and Residential Water Services

Every home and place of work in Alabama depends on clean water to thrive—but most don’t have the resources to go it alone.


Living Water Services works with private industry, commercial, and residential organizations to protect the water on which they rely on a daily basis. 


We provide essential water testing, water treatment, wastewater treatment, and field services to corporations and private businesses, as well as developers, homeowners’ associations, and other non-municipal entities, with the goal of meeting safety standards and adhering to regulations in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Our Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Water Services in Alabama

Living Water Services offers:

  • Regular water testing and reporting
  • Initial and ongoing water and wastewater treatment
  • Residential water use audits and inspections
  • Commercial water use audits and inspections
  • Industrial water use audits and inspections
  • Industrial water facility management and maintenance
  • Septic tank installation and maintenance
  • Comprehensive regulatory compliance
  • General equipment field services
  • Emergency services


Our objective is to eliminate or diminish a broad range of both organic and inorganic waste—which protects your water supply and employee/resident health— while maintaining the well-being of your sewer systems, mechanical apparatus, and other essential infrastructure.

Why You Should Work With A Waterworks Services Provider

Every organization needs water, whether it’s a manufacturing facility or a residential neighborhood. 


Working with a private utility and professional services provider like Living Water Services not only provides you with the essentials for a healthy water supply; it also offers significant benefits, such as:

Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Regular water testing and treatment ensure compliance with local and national environmental regulations, preventing potential legal issues and fines.

Public Health and Safety

Ensures the safety of employees, residents, and the general public by detecting and mitigating harmful contaminants in the water supply.

Preventing Infrastructure Damage

Protects costly infrastructure such as pipes, tanks, and equipment from corrosion and damage caused by untreated water or wastewater.

Quality Control

Maintains consistent product quality in manufacturing facilities by ensuring water used in processes meets specified standards.

Cost Savings

Identifies and addresses issues early, reducing maintenance and repair costs associated with water and wastewater systems.

Reputation Management

Demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility, enhancing the reputation of businesses and organizations.

Resource Efficiency

Optimizes water use, reducing costs associated with excessive water consumption.

Emergency Preparedness

Enables early detection of waterborne pathogens or contaminants, crucial for responding to public health emergencies.

Long-term Sustainability

Supports the long-term viability of communities and businesses by preserving water resources and protecting the environment.

You can protect not just the health of the people who live and work with you; you can also protect the health of your budget by lowering costs across the board associated with how you obtain and consume water.

Plus, working with LWS ensures you stay proactive, not just reactive—which means you’re always prepared for whatever may happen (and a lot can happen).

Want to Learn More?

Living Water Services helps organizations like yours across Alabama each and every day. We build trusted long–term relationships that fulfill our mission of improving the quality of life through water and wastewater services—and it starts by contacting our team. We look forward to meeting you!